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Arsenal Hill Circle - Sis. Rheda Simmons
Brotherhood Ministry - Dea. James Frankie Moore
Christian Education Ministry - Sis. Brenda Clark
Couples Ministry - Dea. Frankie & Sis. Sherry Moore
Deacons Ministry - Dea. Herbert Barnette
Deaconess Ministry - Sis. Michele Taylor-Brown
Finance Committee - Bro. Clente Flemming
First Aid Ministry - Sis. Rena Walters
Greeters Ministry - Sis. Deborah Summers
Grief Ministry - Sis. Mary Alice Graham
Historical Ministry - Sis. Calvernetta Williams
Intercessory Prayer - Sis. Maxine Pearson
Jubilee Choir - Sis. Donna Brice
Kitchen Committee -  Sis. Anita Taylor
Male Choir - Dea. Greg Brown
Mass Choir - Sis. Alicia Graham
MeTech - Sis. Letitia Hope

Newsletter Ministry - Sis. Ojetta Flemming
Nursery - Sis. Teresa Canzater
Pastor's Aid- Sis. Jessica Fluker / Sis. Joy Flemming
Praise Team - Sis. Alicia Graham
Praise Dance Ministry - Sis. Jayna Martin
Women Praise Dance Ministry- Sis. Deborah Summers
Singles Ministry - Sis. Gloria James
Sunday School - Sis. Renee Martin
Transportation Committee - Sis. Dalceada Williams
Trustee Ministry - Dr. Lewis Graham
Ushers - Dea. Isaac Washington
Victorious Living - Sis. Dolores Scott
Waverly Wide Awake - Sis. Clarietta Marshall
We Care Ministry - Sis. Angela West-Barnett
Women of Wisdom Ministry - Sis. Charlie Mae Gunn 
YWA - Sis. Secolia Johnson
Young Adult - Sis Nikki Ramsey
Youth Choir - Sis. Alicia Graham
Youth Ushers - Sis. Angela West-Barnett
ZYPCO - Sis. Tara Graham/Dr. Lewis Graham


801 Washington Street 
Columbia, SC 29201


Phone: (803) 779-2809
Fax: (803) 779-1004

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